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How it started


Courtney Littlefair

Co-founder + Graphic Designer

Hi! I'm one of the co-founders of Little Bench. With experience in branding, typography, motion graphics and illustrative design, my goal is to assist you and your business needs. My background in visual arts fuels my passion to create and inspire. I consider myself to be a life-long student, constantly learning and evolving with every design I complete. I am constantly learning new strategies and techniques which all adds to my professional and personal growth as a designer.

Zuleika von Benecke

Co-Founder + Graphic Designer

As a co-founder of Little Bench, I strive to bring your ideas to life thanks to my experience in branding, layout, and typesetting. Drawing on my visual arts background I produce killer portraits! I am always pushing myself to learn new skills and techniques. Currently, I am developing my skills in the areas of 3D modelling and composition, as well as motion graphics. As the industry evolves, I would like to evolve with it.

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About: Team
Branch of Flowers

The name Little Bench came from the combination of our surnames; Little stemming from Courtney's last name, Littlefair, and Bench from someone who had mistakenly pronounced Zuleika's last name as von Bench instead of von Benecke. 

Little Bench has now blossomed outside the campus and has been brought into the real world. Now as a growing business, we have been thriving on the passion to bring clients' dreams to life.

Little Bench was first established in 2020 at the Perth SAE Institute campus as a not-for-profit studio. It's run by two down to earth, like-minded designers who share the same passion for design.  Our goals were to provide solutions to students outside of the design discipline to help promote their projects and start up businesses. 

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