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Confined Escape Rooms

Confined houses an amazing array of escape rooms, as well as state of the art VR equipment, and an exciting laser room. They tasked us with creating a t-shirt design for them as their uniform. If you would like to see confined for yourself, check them out here.

Design Process

Designer: Courtney Littlefair and Zuleika von Benecke

This project was fantastic for us! We enjoyed working on it and with the team at Confined. We initially started with two designs that were created around the symbols used at the venue. One of the first designs used existing symbols that you can find in the escape rooms, and the other design created new symbols to represent the rooms. We showed both designs to the client and worked with them to choose which combination of symbols, existing and new, we would use for the final design. Once the client was happy, we began working on the layout, sizing, and colouration of the symbols. The design was inspired by the tattoos in the Divergent Series.

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